We started with Couch to 5K in 2012 and didn’t stop there.  From the love of running ignited by C25K, we’ve found a love for trail running, on and off road cycling, and swimming.

Further.  We’re not only covering greater distances, we’re taking on more, adding new skills and experiences, getting rid of the fears and doubts that stand in the way of going further.

Faster.  We’re shaving off seconds, but more importantly we’re setting greater goals, investing more, and reaching those goals.

Together.  We’ve completed two 1mi races, an obstacle course race, sixteen 5Ks, two 5mi races, three 10Ks road races, two 10k trail races, 3 half marathons, a duathlon, and a sprint triathlon together.  We’re training for our second sprint tri now. 



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